About Us

Predict. Rate. And Win.

Alluva is a blockchain-based decentralized application (DApp) on which users can predict and rate crypto-assets. The right predictions are rewarded with Alluva tokens (ALV), which are tradable on leading exchanges and redeemable against many products and services of Alluva’s partners. ALV tokens can also be used on the Alluva Store as currency. Are you interested in exploring cryptocurrencies, but don’t want to invest? Or do you have the skills to become the next Guru of Digital Assets and don’t know where to begin? Absolutely free to use and requiring no investment, Alluva is the ideal solution. Minimum risk. No investment. Maximum reward potential.

Where Does All Prediction Data Go?

Companies like Thomson Reuters, Refinitiv, and Oddup and other institutional investors use the predictions and ratings input on Alluva to gain actionable insights and data into the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. By facilitating this, Alluva users’ sentiment data brings clarity in the current investment space where STOs, ICOs, and cryptocurrencies play an increasingly integral role.